Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

What are Dental X-Rays?

X-rays are helpful in diagnosing and treating a variety of different dental conditions. Dental x-rays use a minimal amount of radiation so that they’re safe and highly beneficial for most of our patients. You can expect to need x-rays at the majority of your appointments, since they’re important in monitoring and checking for problems that would go missed with a typical examination.

Why are Dental X-Rays necessary?

X-rays allow us to see deeper below the surface so that we can detect cavities, bone loss, impacted teeth and other intra-oral problems. We use these x-rays to monitor growth and development in pediatric patients so that care is specific to their needs. Because we take all steps necessary to keep our patients protected, you can feel safe having your x-rays taken in our office. Patients of all ages can and should have x-rays taken regularly throughout the year.

When will Dental X-Rays be needed?

You may need to have x-rays taken before surgical procedures or even during treatment, as you’ll find with root canals. We suggest having a full set of x-rays taken every few years to keep up with the health of your smile and spot issues before they’re allowed to get worse. Likewise, you will have x-rays taken at each bi-annual checkup appointment so that we can determine if there are any changes to the health of your teeth. Adults and children alike should be having x-rays taken at their dental visits.

What happens when Dental X-Rays are being taken?

We start by draping a lead apron over your shoulders. This is important in helping to refract any radiation from the body. A small device is placed in the mouth while a larger machine is aimed at this device. The x-ray is taken and the device is moved to another area of the mouth. This process is repeated until all necessary x-rays have been taken. The procedure of taking x-rays is done easily and safely in our office on an as-needed basis.

If you think you may need new dental x-rays taken, call us today and one of our friendly staff members can schedule an appointment for you to come in.