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Richard Rice
Hello everyone, I have been going to Authentic Smiles for a little over a year and everyone there is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I can’t say enough good about this place and recommend them to anyone. I feel comfortable there and finally do not dread a dental appointment.
Sandra Cheney
I have been going to Dr. Gerzoff for more than 30 years. He is a great dentist, and me and my family are sad that he has retired. We wish him all the best. I have been to the new dentist office (Authentic Smiles), and have seen Dr. Omar a few times now. I am very happy and comfortable with him. He is a very good dentist. And, all the same girls are still there, and they are the Best - very professional, yet very friendly.
Lynn Taylor
Love Love Love this office. EVERYONE in the office knows how scared I am of the dentist. They already know what to do to help me calm down. Kathy & Amber talks to me and always there to sooth me. Barbra is very warm & friendly. Today was my 1st time with Dr. Omar and he was really great with me. He allowed me to express how I felt being though this was the 1st time he was working on my mouth. Very nice and understanding. If anyone is looking for a dentist, Dr. Omar and his staff is the place to go.
Dominique D
The staff and Dentist were very friendly and professional. Unlike any other dental office I’ve been to. Had a amazing experience.
Diane Devenney
The staff is always professional and friendly, and they put you at ease while under their care. I also had a chance to meet Dr. Omar for the first time - he does a very thorough checkup, has a gentle touch, and explains each step prior to the procedure.