Root Canals

Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?

Inside each of your teeth is a small pulp that houses both the nerves and the blood supply vital to keeping the tooth healthy and strong. Unfortunately, this pulp is susceptible to infection and exposure, and it may need to be removed if either has occurred. If a cavity has been left untreated or if a tooth has broken severely, we may suggest having the pulp removed via a root canal. Root canals are easy, simple and incredibly beneficial procedures that save the structure of tooth from extraction.

Why is a Root Canal necessary?

There are two main causes for needing a root canal. The first is because a cavity was left untreated and the decay was able to go deep into the tooth to the pulp. The second reason for requiring a root canal is because a tooth broke, crack or fractured so severely that it left the pulp exposed. The most common signs of needing a root canal is having severe pain specific to one tooth as well as sensitivity to hot and cold beverages.

Who's a candidate for a Root Canal?

We can perform a comprehensive examination in our office to help in determining if a crown is necessary. Most patients will have at least one crown in their mouths at some point in their lives. It’s a completely common procedure and is highly beneficial to the health of your smile. We may recommend a crown if a tooth’s broken, fractured, cracked, has a large filling in it or has just had a root canal.

What occurs during the Root Canal procedure?

We make the procedure more comfortable for you by administering a local anesthetic. The tooth may be separated with a rubber dental dam that keeps it isolated from the rest of the mouth and prevents bacteria from going into the canals of the teeth. The decay is carefully removed from the tooth. We then remove the pulp fully with specialized tools and other instruments. The canals of the tooth’s roots are cleaned thoroughly and filled with a special material. The tooth is then filled with composite and hardened into place.

If you suspect that you might need a root canal and would like to know more about the procedure, call us today and our dental professionals can further answer your questions.